Pros and cons of White label and Turnkey software development

White Label vs. Turnkey. What to choose?

If you are eager to launch your own, I Gaming site business, you'll have to explore a lot of offers from different Game developers. Usually there are two ways of gaming project creation: software development from scratch - Turnkey Solution or purchase of ready-to-operate solution - White Label software.

So, how to make a right choice? In this article we'll analyse both White Label and Turnkey Gaming development, as well as advantages and pitfalls of both methods. We'll check how game integration will look like in both cases.

What is the White Label?

White Label is the most popular method of the new Gaming site launch. In an ideal scenario it means that developer provides ready-to-operate solution, which is tested many times and perfected due to extensive developer's experience. Nevertheless, even the ready solution has to be customized according to client's needs.

What work should be implemented before White Label project launch?

In the first-place client should determine the market where he is going to work (the geography of his business). Why it's the thing of utmost importance? When Operator owner plans to operate the gaming set that is not familiar to players of that market, he risks to have only indifference to his Gaming site, because in different countries different games are popular. So relevant games integration is crucial for business. Respectable developer usually possesses imposing gaming portfolio and on White Label mode games from this portfolio are usually available in full. Usually, experienced developer knows what games are popular in specific countries, that means that his client will operate the best gaming set. Obviously that business geography also affects languages and currencies available at IGaming website. Determination of the market is important even for the website design, ads banners layout, colour scheme etc.

The next important point is project management - you need to determine the staffing and role of each employee and their rights of access to the management system. In other words you have to separate employees rights, for example, the administrator will have an access only to games and traffic statistics, while managing director will have an access to finance and players data. The next step for developer and operator - to confirm bonus system. Usually, White Label solutions include ready bonus set and operator can only deactivate one of them or change terms of bonuses, for example, change the deposit amount.

White Label sometimes can provide you with ready partner marketing solution - affiliate marketing tools. If you decide to use it, you'll have to determine partner program terms, as in the case with bonuses (motivation amount, etc.)

The other significant question with white label development is the payment processing. Operator chooses how to perform money transactions: with his own license or with the developers' one. First case is evident - operator cooperate with payment systems on his own. In other case operator join developers' payment protocol and all transactions process through operator: account replenishments, payouts, affiliates payments etc.

What is the Turnkey Solution development?

In that case everything is clear from the name: gaming software creates from scratch according to client wishes. Professional developer have to have abilities enough to fulfill all clients ideas and requests. Moreover, developer's experience helps to implement really unique and profitable IGaming site. One of the important advantages of Turnkey online Solution development is flexibility of cooperation. Turnkey solution can be fully developed & implemented by Games provider, or some project functionality can be done by client employees if needed (e.g. programming or customization). Despite of developers help throughout all creative stages you should have some specific knowledges in igaming, because you will definitely face a lot of important questions to solve. Nevertheless, ordering your Gaming site on the Turnkey basis, you get a project in your full ownership, that allows you to control it completely independently

Pros and cons.
White Label
+ -
instant launch impossible to impose own terms and conditions
low cost limited settings
agreements with all third-party services (live-chats, metrics, crm etc.) total dependence on developer
possible to work under developer's payment license light customization
ready marketing strategy it's business for rent
+ -
participation in all stages of project development time-consuming
any settings high cost
possibility for operator to make changes of the project by his own operator work with third-party services by his own
unique design operator needs to organize his own payment licence
100% business ownership no ready scheme of promotion

To sum up, we can make an easy analogy: White Label - it's when you rent a room. Turnkey - it's when you build your own house. Hope that this article will help you to make a right choice. Whichever path you take, we are always at your disposal to become your reliable partner in gaming project creation.